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1535 SE 45th Ave
Portland, OR, 97215

Science-inspired art by Sienna Morris, drawn entirely with numbers and equations by hand. Based in Portland, Oregon, Sienna is self taught in science and art, and uses her Numberism technique to process what she's learned, illustrating the data where it lives. 

She offers original work as well as fine art canvas and paper prints, and clothing of her work. 

Artwork Inspired by Science

The Game is Afoot - Sherlockian Puzzle Art

Remains Unsolved

"The Game is Afoot" is a fully playable, interactive piece of artwork, composed of puzzles, codes, riddles and ciphers. Using the artwork, the provided tools, and the methods of Sherlock Holmes, you can solve the artwork and reveal a 150 year old mystery. Those who solve the artwork to completion receive a prize that ties together this mystery. The first 3 to solve the final puzzle receive a special prize. 

No person has solved this puzzle to date, as of September, 2015. Fully playable version limited to 100. 

The Game is Afoot
from 80.00

Scroll down to see the video with a hidden clue to this puzzle. 

(The Canvas and 16" x 20" paper print are 60% playable. You cannot solve the final problem with these versions, but there are weeks of puzzle solving fun to be had). 

"The Game is Afoot" is a puzzle. It is drawn entirely with numbers and letters by hand. I implore you to use the methods of Sherlock Holmes to solve the puzzles and reveal a mystery, using the tools provided you.  Those who solve the piece in its entirety receive a prize, revealing the mystery in full.

To assist you, the fully playable version includes a box of tools, including a sealed envelope, a magnifying glass, and , the hardback book "The Original Illustrated Sherlock Holmes"

The canvas and smaller pieces are partially playable and include a wax sealed envelope and a description. 

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Sienna Morris is based out of Portland, Oregon, and can be found every Saturday and Sunday at the Portland Saturday Market is space 904.