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6735 N Baltimore ave #228
Portland, OR 97203

Science-inspired art by Sienna Morris, drawn entirely with numbers and equations by hand. Based in Portland, Oregon, Sienna is self taught in science and art, and uses her Numberism technique to process what she's learned, illustrating the data where it lives. 

She offers original work as well as fine art canvas and paper prints, and clothing of her work. 


Expect additional delay for the month of October while we move to our new location in Cathedral Park Place in St. Johns. Orders should arrive in 4 weeks unless we already have the print in stock.

Email with any shipping questions. To arrange a pick up, use coupon code PICKUP2017 in checkout.




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Drawn by hand entirely with cardiac equations such as Stroke Volume, Cardiac Output and Ejection Fraction. Check below for the full description. Each print comes with a description of the numbers used. 


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  • Paper prints are printed on fine art luster paper and are under an archival mat, perfect for beautiful framing.

    • The 11" x 14" with mat is 16" x 20"

    • The 16" x 20" with mat is 20" x 24"

  • Canvas prints are coated with 3 layers of UV glaze to protect from fading. Open edition canvas prints are signed by the artist, and stretched on 3/4" wood bars and are ready to hang with two nails or screws. 

  • Limited Edition canvas prints are stretched on 2" - 2.5" wood bars and are wired and ready to hang. 

  • Limited Edition Canvas prints:are signed, numbered and dated, come with a magnifying glass and a certificate of authenticity, which includes the limited information and a full description of the numbers used to draw the piece.  

  • Allow 1 - 3 weeks shipping time

  • Orders outside of the US are shipped in a roll.


Great Coronary Vein: C8H11NO3 Norepinephrine 

Superior and Inferior Vena Cava: arteriovenous oxygen difference a-vO2 diff = Ca – Cv 

AV Node: Normal Firing rate= 40-60 per minute. 

SA Node: Membrane Potential Em = g’K+ (-96 mV) + g’Ca++ (+134 mV) 

Outer view of muscles of the left atrium, left ventricle and right ventricle: Stroke Volume (SV) = EDV – ESV

Pulmonary Artery: Ejection Fraction (EF) = (SV / EDV) × 100% 

Aorta: Cardiac Output (Q) = SV × HR 

Cardiac Index(CI) =Q/ Body Surface Area (BSA) = SV × HR/BSA 

(near Aortic Valve): Systolic pressure gradient across valve – AVA(cm2) = CO (l/m)/√mean Gradient (mmHg) 

Pulmonary Veins: Oxygen Content of Blood = [hemoglobin] (g/dl) x 1.34 (ml O2/g of hemoglobin) x saturation of blood (percent) + 0.0032 x partial pressure of oxygen 

Inner view of the right Atrium: Vimentin RefSequence (mRNA) : NM_003380.3 RefSequence (protein): NP_003371.2 

Other data: 250=350gm 9-12 oz 2.5 billion beats per 60 year lifetime. There are hidden words and numbers not listed here, that you can find over time the longer you look at the piece.