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Returns Policy

Error or Damage

In the case that your art or clothing arrived damaged, or if there was a mix up with shipping and you received the wrong item,contact us to set up a replacement. As soon as the damaged or incorrect piece is returned to us, we will ship out the replacement. We will include a check to compensate for the return mail with the replacement art.

Upgrades and Exchanges

If you have a piece of Sienna's and you would like to either upgrade to a larger size or a glowing limited edition, we are happy to help! As long as your piece is in good condition, we will exchange your piece and charge you the difference between the two. 

If you have a piece of Sienna's (perhaps it was gifted to you) and you find that you'd really rather have a different piece of art from her, we are happy to help. We offer exchanges for art at the same or greater price. We do not offer partial or full refunds to exchange for a smaller size, but are happy to exchange for a piece at the same or larger size. If you would like a piece at a larger size, you will just need to pay the difference. 


We do not offer refunds. If at some point you decide you no longer enjoy the artwork and would like to return it for a refund, we are very sorry to hear that. Perhaps you have a friend who would like it instead! We're sorry, but we will not issue a refund in this case.