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Sienna Morris

Fire Dol" 24"x36" -Limited Edition. This is a big deal for me. This is my friend, Brad Hackworth , and I drew this piece with him in mind. He is letting me share this story with you. He was in a bad house fire with his sister when they were both small children. It was a traumatic experience which never left him and which had long lasting physical and emotional effects for them both in different ways. It's not surprising that images and notions of fire would bring up bad memories and that generally speaking fire would make him uncomfortable, stressed or anxious. This piece is about how the body responds to the painful stimulus of fire as a reflex to keep us safe. It features the grey butterfly of the spinal cord drawn with chemistry and physics relating to the neural event, which I think is beautiful. The background is fire. My goal was to draw this piece so that even he found it beautiful. So that he could see this piece and feel something positive towards fire and our relationship to it. That is a difficult goal to achieve, but it was the driving inspiration for creating this. He texted me when he saw the first large print (which he himself stretched on canvas for me)

Brad: "Sienna, no joke, these are the most beautiful finished pieces yet. I'm in love with them."
Me: "Really? :)"
Brad: "Yes, I was actually moved When I looked at the finished result."

This is what art is about for me. To reach and connect with people, to push our own boundaries and open up our lives to more beauty and perspective. In some ways, art and music can do a better job of that then any amount of speaking. I am so grateful this piece connected with Brad. It means the world to me and is worth more than any amount of material success. Thank you Brad for your connection to this work. <3