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Update on Charity Donations and discounts through this website:

Instead of saving a few bucks here and there, let's make some positive change together! 

Starting in January, 2017 this website will no longer offer discounts via coupon codes or sales. Instead 5% of the listing price of every item sold on this site will go to your choice of one of four charities, which you can select in the check out.  These donations will be deposited quarterly. Check back here by the end of April, August, and December to see how much we have donated together to each charity respectively. I appreciate your support and understanding as I remove discounts from our website and instead direct some of our sales to making positive change in our community and abroad. 

During popular sales like "Cyber Monday" or "Small Business Saturday"  10% of the listed price will go to the charities rather than 5%.

The Charities for 2017:

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Sienna Morris created the technique “Numberism” in 2008, drawing realistic images entirely with tiny numbers and equations by hand, using pen, pencil or as etchings on scratchboard, metal or glass. These take hundreds of hours to draw and upwards of a year to research and plan.

Her first series “Perpetual Motion” focused on fleeting moments, drawn with the numbers of the clock, 1 – 12. This series sprang from her anxiety about time and helped root her in the present, knowing that even the best moments pass.

In 2010, she expanded her work to support her personal study of science. Her ongoing Math and Science series focuses on illustrating the beauty of the scientific world in its natural setting, showing others that science and math are beautiful, accessible aspects of our lives.

“There's more than one path to a scientific education. What most of us lacked in our experience with science and math was inspiration, play and imagination, which are the real foundations of scientific excellence.  By drawing these subjects with data that explains their function, I'm hoping to illustrate that everything we love is filled with numbers, physics and logic systems, and that it's a thing of beauty. Science isn't for certain kinds of people. It is our achievement as a species and we should all be able to celebrate it together.”

Sienna Morris is self taught in science and in art. Her personal education in science includes a wide range of reading material, open courseware, lectures, and research. Her background in art is also self propelled. With little formal training, Sienna has been self taught since she was a child. Her main background in art is trial and error, and an obsession to create. Before she started her Numberism technique, she worked in oil and acrylic, pencil and pen drawings, and a healthy dose of design work, which she used to support herself through her starving artist phase.

“Numberism gives me focus and and challenges me, motivating me to learn and create. Being inspired by science means I will never struggle with artists block again. There is an endless wealth of knowledge for me to learn, and rarely does a new learning experience fail to inspire”

Sienna has been based out of Portland, Oregon since 2009 and maintains a thriving business out of her home studio and gallery.

You can find her at the Portland Saturday Market every Saturday and Sunday from February 28th - December 24th. In 2015, you can find her in space 918.

COmmissioned Work

*Note- There is currently a wait list for Numberism Commissions. To get on the list, you can simply pay $100 and have your name added next in line. When Sienna is ready to begin your custom creation, she will email you to get started. At that point, you can put down your first payment and work with Sienna one on one to choose the direction of your piece. Sienna's next availability is the summer of 2016. 

If you are interested in a custom original Numberism drawing or etching, send an email through the "Contact Us" page. Prepare several months ahead of the time you would like to receive your original Numberism drawing. These are known to take anywhere from a few months to a year to complete. Sienna works one on one with custom buyers to find the numbers and data best suited to illustrate your idea. Pricing is based on detail and required research time. Payment is received in installments. 

Price Breakdown: 

$800 - $2,000 a square foot, based on detail, payable in installments. 

Square Foot = W x H / 144

Square foot x Detail price = full price of piece


16 x 20 \ 144 = 2.2222

2.2222 x $1500 = $3,333..

The above example is for one size. Sienna has created custom pieces as small as 5" x 7" and as large as 32" x 40". You can pay for this in two or more payments. Larger pieces that will take more time can have longer payment plans with smaller increment payments. Once the artwork is fully paid for, we can deliver or ship it to you, or you can schedule a time to pick it up in Portland, Oregon. 

Original work comes with a certificate of authenticity, with a full description of the numbers used, as well as a magnifying glass. 

Below is a gallery of Custom Numberism drawings Sienna has created in the past. 

Custom Work Examples: